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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Proposal : The Prize Carousel

[ Reworking the Prize system so that we get a new set of Prizes each week - as well as keeping the game fresh, it'll allow room for things that would only be interesting once; treasure-hunts ("Post a picture of a giant squid!"), lazyweb calls for research ("Post links about Icelandic surnames and give your thoughts on them."), random trivia ("Answer these questions!") and general miscellany. More appealing to writers and readers alike, I think, than Alliteration and Surveillance and Haiku week after week after week. ]

Reword Rule 12 (Glittering Prizes) to read:-

Various Prizes are up for grabs in BlogNomic - each has a condition and a reward. A Prize's condition can only depend on the content of the weblog posting for which the Prize is claimed. A Prize's reward may vary as part of that condition, but may not exceed 50 points.

Every Monday, each Player may announce a single Prize for the week ahead by posting an entry to BlogNomic whose first paragraph is "Prize : [Name] ([Reward])" in bold text, where [Name] is the name of the prize, and [Reward] is its reward; the remainder of this post should detail the prizes conditions.

If a Player has posted a blog entry that meets a Prize's conditions, they may award themselves Points equal to that Prize's reward, anywhen within an hour of posting the entry. (Prizes may only be claimed during the week they were announced. A Player may not claim their own Prize on a Saturday or Sunday.)

Enacted by Kosta, Wednsday the 5th, +10 Points to Kevan, +1 Points to Kosta