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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Proposal : Pop Idle

[ At the moment, if a Player's going to be offline for a week, they have to choose between resigning from the game, or hanging around slowing down the proposal queue. This proposal puts forward a way for people to declare a temporary absence without losing their place.

At the same time, it allows Admin to quietly mark apathetic voters as being temporarily absent, leaving it up to them as to whether they wake up or quit the game. ]

To the Rule 2 (Players), add the paragraph:-

"Some Players are Idle, and should be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of all other rules, Idle Players are not counted as Players. Admin may render a Player Idle if that Player has failed to vote for more than a week, or if that Player has asked to become Idle. Admin may un-Idle a Player who has asked to become un-Idle."

Enacted by Kosta, Thursday the 6th, +10 Points to Kevan, +1 Points to Kosta