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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Revealing my Master Plan

Actually, I am commenting that there was an odd bug with the GNDT, when I tried to give some points away to Kosta as a gift, it continually refreshed an older command that reset his score at 135. Odd.

While I'm here, I might as well explain why I was giving the points away. Hopefully, now that Ravenblack is no longer playing, I can discuss proposals with the now rather large player base without having them stolen immediately under me. Although this is all still vague and feedback-requiring...

Erik's Government proposal is an interesting idea I'd like to play with, but I dislike a few things. The two party system, basing it on stats and requiring people to pay to get in, and what I just noticed were rather high rewards (30 karma a week?) for becoming head of both parties at once, a state which means you're already pretty in the lead. Also, making the "head" of the party based on points and karma is kind of biased against new players. But if I did act on any of these ideas, I'd probably give a large percentage of any points gained from the proposal to him for inspiration credit.

Anyway, I'd like to work on something that would let players create their own parties, and join those of other players. Rewards (Points only, not Karma. I'm still a social purist for that attribute) for being in a large party, but also rewards for being the head of a party, thus encouraging the creation of new parties, and recruitment. Letting people come up with inner-party rules for governing members. Possibly, later, moving into a system where only the heads of parties can vote, thus curing the problem of large numbers of players, making quorum on a proposal take a while to get. Although that latter bit would probably wait until much later to implement.

Anyway. Thoughts on that as a concept? Any other ideas people would like to see in such a system?