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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Proposal: Move the Game Board

[I promised to build the game board should that proposal pass--one that would allow archiving of previous moves as well as password protection. I began to put this script together, but then realized that I should probably check, just in case, to see if there was a wiki out there that had password protection, since they already have the versioning functionality which was the more difficult of the two features to implement. Lo and behold, there is. And a friend of mine, Bill from Brilliant Corners already had an installation set up. He has gratiously offered to host our board, if we so desire to use it. I actually think it's better that it be hosted by a non-player (unless he decides to join the game) since it will prevent the temptation to use the wiki too much and become a WikiNomic instead. We've got one page, and one page only.]

Make the following changes to Rule 15: remove the HTML table that currently represents the gameboard from the rule and add in its place, "The Game Board is currently located here. To make changes to the Game Board, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page under "Notes and Revisions". Every significant action made on the board must be documented in the "Notes and Revisions" portion of the Game Board."

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 17th, -2 Points to Erik, +2 Points to Kevan