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Friday, February 13, 2004

Proposal: Urban Terror [MOB]

Add a rule, entitled Riot:

At any time, any player may call a riot. This is done making a post to BlogNomic with the word 'RIOT' in the title. All players (excluding The Man) may vote; if more than 75% (rounded up) of the Players vote for, then the riot passes. The Man is removed and may not participate (beyond voting) for the remainder of the dynasty, and rules 12, 15-16, 18-20, and 23-25, plus any rules created of law proposals after this proposal is passed, are repealed. The Police are disbanded, and no player may act as a Policeman.

The player with the highest status after a 48 hour period wins the dynasty and Ascends. During this period, any player may give any amount of their status to any other player freely.

If the initial Riot proposal fails, then any Policeman may arrest any Person who voted FOR it.

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Feb. +10 to Joranj, +2 to Kevan.