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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Proposal: Woooozy...

When enacted, this proposal is considered to consist only of its non-italic text.

>input identity
Aw, did you break your retinal scanner? I'm Satyr Eyes.
>input password
>input command

Delete the list of titles in Rule Two.

>command delete: acknowledged
[file deleted]
Thank you. Can you tell me why you've brought us out of cold sleep?
Cayvie, you know we've discussed this. Remember my lecture on giving relevant answers to my questions?
>affirmative; system response precipitated by critical fuel condition, 05-10-3004, 06:20:23
Then... this isn't Terra Nova?
Well, horse pies. I suppose we'll need to gather more fuel. Cayvie, why do I feel so lightheaded?

Add a Rule, "Oxygen":
Nadil-5's atmosphere has an unusually high oxygen content, and it builds up in the blood of the Crew Members. There is a number called Saturation, which is tracked on the Sidebar; Saturation begins at 0, and increases by 2 every day at 00:00 GMT. Crew Members whose Health is lower than the Saturation have Fainted; Fainted Crew Members may not Declare Victory.

FOR Passed 9 to 0 by Brendan at 5:44 pm GMT on 5.11.2004. +10 to Satyr Eyes, +2 to Brendan.