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Thursday, May 19, 2005


First, my opinions on the conflict, as a tad of spam:
1. When the post was put up, not started, counts. Duh. Still, let Rodney win in a few hours. Sadly I'll be sleeping then. However... can AG even post that "rule"? Also, there is a time option on the bottom of the blogger, of course.
2. The glossary should be changed to operate on GMT time, OR the main page to BST. As previously agreed on. A "day" should start at midnight, naturally, not 24 hours later, unless otherwise stated.
3. Clearly the clock is STILL AT ONE. I wonder where an admin might be? *snicker*

Speaking of which, my reason for posting--can someone please put Sequence #11 on the Sequences page?
4. [Ex-]Computer Howard, can you please reveal the sequences now that the round is over(or after this is resolved if you prefer)?