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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Proposal: Urban Sprawl [trivial] [Law]

I'm sure everyone has noticed by now, but we seem to have 20 People, and we're having difficulty making Quorum even on Proposals where it's obvious within hours whether enactment will occur. We need lots of things, but more aggressive recruiting isn't one of them. As such:

In Rule 3, Status, replace "the nominated Person gains 50 Status" with "the nominated Person gains 20 Status," and "the new Person gains 25" with "the new Person gains 10".

Besides, I think all but one of us will readily agree that Kevan is too darn far ahead already.

FOR Passed by Brendan, 13 to 0, 2:44 pm GMT, 2.5.2004. +2 to Satyreyes, +1 to Brendan.