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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Call for Judgment

It seems Dunam tried, several times, to attack the Odyssey over the last couple hours. I don't have any idea how many times he actually succeeded (and I'm not sure he does either, based on the fact that he declared a number of his attacks void but treated at least one as though it had happened). I invite the interested to check the GNDT for the record, but nothing is posted in an organized format, so it is impossible to tell which of Dunam's numerous dice rolls and declarations of attacks actually counted and which did not. At first I thought he was using a (clever and present) rules exploit to guarantee himself a victory, but based on the times of his comments that's impossible.

To correct the problem, I propose we undo all changes Dunam made to the statistics of Mariners and Ships as part of his set of attacks. If he'd like to attack again after this CfJ is resolved, I invite him to do so, in a legal and organized fashion. Feel free to explain what was going on in comments to this CfJ, Dunam.

Passed by Kevan, 17th Mar - 8 votes to 0.