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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Proposal: Jaded choices [trivial]

In the rule chapters, replace
Each option can cause one of these effects, as chosen by the Poet, but there must always be at least one positive and one negative option:

Each option causes up to four of these effects, as hiddenly chosen by the Poet. There must be at least one positive and one negative effect to an option. This is the list of effects:

Further amend the rule chapters by changing

The Poet will not state which effect happens, until the Mariner has made his choice.


Although the poet may give a hint towards which effects will occur, (s)he may not in any way reveal to that mariner which specific effects will occur.

And as a clean up, change all instances of 'effect ' into
in the chapters rule.

At the same time the positive and negative effects are mentioned as a list to further clarify the last line of the rule. Because there is no restriction on what a 'positive' and what a 'negative' option is, all this changes is that you may have to choose between morale gain for your self at the cost of your crew or the other way around.

Good idea, but implementation needed work. Failed by Satyr Eyes with voting 6 - 7 at 1:20 GMT, 3.18.2004. -3 to Dunam, +1 to Satyr Eyes.