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Monday, March 15, 2004

Proposal: Pirates of the Mediterranean

Battle Strength. Huh! Good God, y'all! What's it good for? Absolutely nothing -- say it again! Unless, of course, we pass this Proposal.

Create a new Rule, "Piracy":
Once per Lacuna, a Captain may declare an Attack on another Ship within 5 Distance of his own via a post to the Blog. The Captain must specify the target and type of Attack in the post. Types of Attack are:

* Massacre. If the Attack is successful, all Mariners on the Attacked Ship lose 10 Morale, except for its Captain, who loses 20 Morale.
* Raid. If the Attack is successful, 20 Supplies from the Attacked Ship (or the total Supplies on the Attacked Ship, whichever is lower) are moved to the Attacking Ship.
* Beheadment. If the Attack is successful, the Captain of the Attacked Ship transfers to the Attacking Ship. This rule supersedes any and all rules normally forbidding such a transfer. The transferred Mariner is stripped of his rank of Captain in accordance with Rule 11, and may be Imprisoned by the Captain of the Attacking Ship at the latter's option.

If the Attack is unsuccessful, every Mariner on the Attacking Ship loses 10 Morale, except for its Captain, who loses 20 Morale.

Success of an Attack is determined as follows. Within 60 minutes of the Attacking Captain's Attack declaration, he shall post comments of
"Attack (Attacking Ship): DICE" and
"Defense (Attacked Ship): DICE"
in the GNDT, where "Attacking Ship" and "Attacked Ship" are the names of the respective Ships. He shall then post comments of
"Attack Strength: [Battle Strength of Attacking Ship + (100 * Attacking Ship's Dice)]" and
"Defense Strength: [Battle Strength of Attacked Ship + (100 * Attacked Ship's Dice) + 100]",
where the quantities in brackets are replaced by the results of the appropriate computations. Failure to post the requisite comments within 60 minutes of the Attack wholly voids the Attack.

If the Attack Strength is strictly greater than the Defense Strength, the Attack is said to be successful; otherwise, it is said to have failed.
This is potentially an important Proposal. Comments are especially welcome on this one. I've already implemented one of Dunam's.

You got me in a spin but everyfin is a-okPassed 9 to 2 by est at 03:47 GMT, 3.17.2004. +10 to Satyr Eyes, +2 to est.