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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Let's get things sorted out!

Aye, we may not have the quickest ship or the largest crew, but we will show that we are in fact the most skilled ones! I am listening for suggestions, so please be as loud! as possible!

In seven days I can increase the morale of everybody who has higher morale than me by 5

For now I give you the order to sail. I would ask all members of the SS Eriphyle to take a job they see fit. We're going to need no more than one priest and deckhands would be mighty welcome. I would like to know which gods you worship. Although I will permit different religions, I worship poseidon, god of the seas. I hold any worshipper of poseidon in high esteem.

Now raise the sails, we will sail for Ithica at once!

I choose the action sail