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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Proposal: Poetic freedom

Edit rule number 15 to include the following at the end of the resupply header:

When any ship ressuplies at an isle without special resupplying rules, the poet may post a chapter to the blog. Under no other circumstance may the poet post a chapter to the blog.

Add a new rule 'chapters':

In a chapter, the poet will describe a turn of events. He may include up to three options for the captain or a specific mariner to make. That mariner may then choose one option in the next 48 hours by making a comment on that blog. If no comment is made, the first option will be chosen by default. Each option can cause one of these effects, as chosen by the poet, but there must always be at least one positive and one negative option:

*Gain of 10 morale for the choosing marine
*Gain of 5 morale for all mariners on that ship
*Gain of 10 supplies

*Loss of 10 morale for the choosing marine
*Loss of 5 morale for all mariners on that ship
*Ship must idle as next action, regardless of actions chosen by the captain

The poet will not state which effect happens, until the mariner has made his choice.
When the poet states which effect happens, that chapter is resolved.
When all chapters of a week are resolved, the poet may edit this list.

Replace action/actions by order/orders if rule 15 is called order.

Any specific way how the effects could be hidden and still checked in hindsight? I seperated into positive and negative effects and modified according to satyr's requests.
modified it one more time to make a new rule for chapters.

Behind one of these doors is the Big Deal of the Day...Passed 9 to 0 by Satyr Eyes at 0:05 GMT, 3.17.2004. +10 to Dunam, +2 to Satyr Eyes.