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Monday, March 15, 2004

Proposal: The Law of Averages [Trivial]

Amend the sentence "All Mariners are initially on board the SS Odyssey.", contained within the Rule Ships, to read:
Any Mariner newly joining BlogNomic, as well as any Mariner who returns to BlogNomic after being Idle since the beginning of the previous Lacuna, is placed aboard the Ship with the smallest number of Mariners. If more than one Ship has the smallest number of Mariners, the new Mariner is instead placed aboard the Ship with the smallest number of Mariners that has the largest Distance; if this still does not uniquely determine a Ship, the new Mariner is placed on the Ship with the smallest number of Mariners and largest Distance whose Captain comes first in alphabetical order.
This prevents the Odyssey from being bloated with new recruits, and keeps it from exploiting Piracy (should it pass).

Longtime Idlers are also assigned to the Ship with the fewest Mariners, to compensate for the fact that if all the Mariners who are about to go Idle rejoined, the Odyssey would again be bloated.

Shorttime Idlers are reassigned to their former Ship; we wouldn't want to change their Ship just because they had to leave for a few days, and we also don't want anyone taking advantage of the Rule to make transfers that would otherwise not be allowed.

Edited to insert Distance as a tiebreaking criterion.

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