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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Proposal : Di-Nitro-Bi-Oxalide

The air of the planet Nadil is poisonous to human life forms.. And the ships limited supply is fast running out. Create a GNDT entry for the ship, and add a new GNDT Column "AIR" All players have 0 Air and the ship begins with 25.4 air.

Create a new rule entitled "Hull Breach"

Once per week, the computer will deduct from the air reserves of all players 0.1 units of air. Should any player have no air to be deducted in this way, the air is instead taken from the ships reserve. Should there be no air remaining in the ships reserve at this time, all players who did not have air available suffer 10 points of health loss.

Additionally at this time the computer deducts 1.0 units of air from the Ship, due to leakage from the hull damage

AGAINST Failed 6 to 9 by Cayvie at 01:30 GMT on 5.12.2004. -3 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Cayvie.