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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Proposal: The Switch

Just a possible alternative to "Dynasty Merge" - clarified and expanded.

For the purposes of this proposal, any unqualified reference to the rules, gamestate or front page refer to the dynasty of blognomic being played at References qualified as "beta" or similar refer to the dynasty of blognomic being played at

Add any Players in this dynasty who are not Players of the beta game to the beta game, just as if they had joined that game as a new player, according to the rules of the beta game.

This dynasty ends without a winner. The wiki may contain pages detailing the history of this dynasty in the usual manner.

Replace the front page with a boilerplate document containing details about the switch, a link to the new game, and any other relevant information.

Repeal all the rules and add a rule entitled "The Move" stating
Blognomic has moved:
. "The Move" may not be repealed or amended in any way.

If this proposal, and a proposal in the beta game called "The Switch" that has the same effects as this proposal (overall; it should be written from the standpoint of the new game though), both pass, the switch is considered legal and may be carried out by any admin as soon as possible. The enacting admin(s) must then make a post to the new game stating that the switch is complete.