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Monday, October 13, 2003

Proposal: The Thing in the Basement

Create a new rule:
One of the Doctor's experiments lives in the basement and needs to be fed. At intervals of no longer than seven days, the Doctor should choose a random specimen who is not dead (but can be undead) to make a nice meal for the monster in the form of 3 life force, or the amount of life force remaining in the specimen, whichever is closer to zero.
The creature requires human life force to survive; if it consumes life force from a specimen who is not human, the creature lashes out at a random specimen to consume twice as much life force as before. It will continue to do this until it consumes human life force.
If the Doctor neglects to choose someone to feed the creature, it attacks him at a cost of 6 life force.

The name of this rule is the name of the creature, affectionately chosen by the Doctor many years ago. If the Doctor does not choose a name, it defaults to "Carol."

Vetoed by the Doctor, 14th Oct.