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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Proposal: Undeath

If "Deactivated" gets replaced with "Dead" then create a new rule entitled "Undeath" :

If a Specimen is ever marked as "Dead" (after the initial startup-idleness) then the only way they can be re-admitted into the game is for the Doctor to reanimate them (any Admin can revive the Specimen, but the act itself is counted as the Doctor reanimating them). When the Doctor reanimates the Specimen the Specimen is counted as Undead from then on, and are marked as a "Zombie".

Zombies start out with a lifeforce of negative 10 (ie: -10). The Lifeforce of Undead Specimens shall always be negative. For Undead Specimens, a negative Lifeforce corresponds to the same amount of positive Lifeforce of a living Specimen.

All Lifeforce modifications shall be sign-switched before being applied to Undead Specimens. (eg: +5 for blogging shall become -5 for blogging, taking a newly reanimated Zombie from -10 to -15 Lifeforce, which corresponds to a living person's Lifeforce of 15.)

If this gets passed then I can see it being extended or modified once we find out how Vampires become created, etc

Failed by Kevan, 14th Oct. -5 to Est, +2 to Kevan.