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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Proposal: Don't worry lads, I've got a brilliant idea [MOB]

Create a rule, entitled Jobs:

The Don can call upon his mobsters to perform Jobs. These include, but are not limited to:

The Bank Job.
The Don selects at least 3 Mobsters. He then gives them a time, in GMT, at which they must perform the job. At that time (or within 5 minutes either way) all three of thse mobsters must move to the bak location, remain there for at least 5 minutes, then leave.

If there are already policemen in the bank, the Job can be called off, although if any of the mobsters do appear they immediately get arrested and made a prisoner.

If an equal or greater number of Police than the number of raiding mobsters enter the bank while the job is under way, all the mobsters are arrested and the job fails. If the police bust this job in progress, they all recieve 10 Status and the Man recieves 20 Status.

If a number of policemen smaller than the number of raiding mobsters enters while the raid is under way, the Policeman looses 25 Status and the raid succeeds.

If no policemen disturb the job, it succeeds. The Don gains $500 and each participating mobster gains 10 Status.

Following a bank job, the Don must post a BlogNomic entry notifying the other Persons that the job has taken place.

Supplying the Speakeasy
The Don selects one mobster to go to the River at a specific time. That Mobster must stay at the River for at least 5 minutes, following which they must move to the Speakeasy for a further 5.

If any Policeman intercepts him at the River, he is arrested and the job fails.

Once he gets to the Speakeasy, a number of policemen equal to all the mobsters in that location, plus one, are required to make the bust. Only the mobster carrying out the job can be arrested.

If successful, the Speakeasy gains 50 Units of hooch, and the Don gains $1000.


The Man may also give his Policemen Jobs. Some of them are listed here.

The Bordello Bust
The Man must select at least 3 policemen to carry out this Job. They must move to the Bordello at the designated time and remain there for at least 10 minutes.

If a greater number of Mobsters appears to defend the Bordello in that time, the Police are defeated. Each participating Policeman looses 10 Status.

If the Bordello is not protected in the 10 minutes, the Man can declare it dispersed. The Bordello is removed from the roster of locations and each participating Policeman gains 10 Status. The Don looses 25 Status, but may build another Bordello at a further cost of $1000. If there is a Policeman in the Bordello at the time of the raid who has claimed 5 Status for his presence there in the last 6 hours, he is fired from the force and arrested.


All Jobs must be assigned, with times, at least 24 hours before they are due to take place. Any Person may refuse to do a job for the Man or the Don, but if either the Man or the Don considers the reason for such a refusal to be illigitimate or unreasonable they have the power to impose a descresionary 5 Status fine. If a Person is asked to do a job for the Man or the Don, they should reply with 16 hours of the request; if they do not, it is assumed that the request is refused. If the Person in question has posted or voted on BlogNomic in that time then the status fine may be applied. In all cases, Jobs must only refer to the Persons codename.

FOR Passed 11 to 0 at 7:45 pm GMT, 2.10.2004. +10 to Joranj, +2 to Brendan.