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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Proposal : Congregation [Trivial]

[ As highlighted by Atheism, there's no reason for non-Priest Mariners to bother having a religion. One obvious change would be to restrict Priests' weekly morale-boosts to same-religion Mariners. (I'll also add a same-ship limitation and clarify the two-Priest rule, while I'm here.) ]

In Rule 17 (Jobs), reword the Priest effect from:-

The Priest may increase one other Mariner's morale by 5, once per Lacuna. Performing this action gains the Priest 2 Morale. There may only be a maximum of 2 Priests on a ship at any one time.


The Priest may, once per Lacuna, add 5 to the Morale of another Mariner on the same Ship as the Priest, who also worships the same God. Performing this action gains the Priest 2 Morale. If a Ship has more than two Priests, the Priest(s) with the lowest Morale are automatically defrocked.

Keep your frock on Failed by Satyr Eyes with voting 2-12 at 23:25 GMT, 3.19.2004. -3 to Kevan, +1 to Satyr Eyes.