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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Proposal: Just who pays tithes to you, anyway? (trivial)

Edit this sentence in Rule 17:

Any Mariner may choose one Job for themselves.

to instead read:

Any Mariner may choose one non-Priest job for themseves. Any Mariner that has selected a God as per Rule 13 may choose one job for themselves.

Add this sentence to the description of Priest in Rule 17 (just in case a god-changing effect is introduced later):

Should a Mariner who is also a Priest, by any effect of any rule currently in force, become unaffiliated with his or her God, that Mariner shall also lose the job of Priest.

This rule, obviously, forces Priests to worship a God. It just seems odd to me that a Priest could be a Priest of nothing specific.

I love the set, not the element Failed by Satyr Eyes with voting 3-9 at 5:51 GMT, 3.18.2004. -3 to Udelar, +1 to Satyr Eyes.