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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Call for Judgment

Cayvie enacted "Proposal: The Age-Old Question" that should not have passed, in my opinion, given the following passage:

Rule 5
"If a Crew Member leaves the game or goes idle, their Vote no longer counts."

... Satyreyes' vote FOR his proposal should not have counted, bringing the tally down to 8 FOR and 8 AGAINST, at which point this passage kicks in a fails the proposal:

Rule 6
"If the oldest pending Proposal's FOR votes exceed or equal Quorum, or if it is more than 48 hours old and more than half of its votes are FOR, then any Admin Staff may mark that Proposal as Enacted, then update the Ruleset and/or Gamestate to include the specified effects of that Proposal."

If that is debatable due to timing issues then perhaps a reading from this will help:

Rule 2

"For the purposes of all other rules, idle Crew Members are not counted as Crew Members."

and rule suggests that the proposer is a Crew Member but according to Rule 2 the proposer is not a Crew Member:

Rule 5

If the Crew Member who made a Proposal has not cast an explicit Vote on it, their Vote is counted as FOR.

I know this is quite debatable as we have, I believe, a precedent such that when an individual goes idle and there are pending proposals prior to his/her idleness that we have counted their votes when enacting or failing a given proposal. I submit to you that we were wrong in doing so as outlined in the above passages and that if enough people actually agree with this CFJ that this ambiguity should be clarified in the ruleset through some proposal at a later date. So, I suggest that the enactment be reversed and that rule 14 be removed from the ruleset, does anyone agree?