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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Proposal: This'll fix him!

Repeal any sentences dealing with the transfer of Health between Crew Members. [The ruleset is down at the moment, so I'm playing it safe.]

Enact a rule titled "Tranfusions" that reads:

The medical bay has equipment that can be used to trasfer Health from one Crew Member to another, but use of the equipment requires the supervision of either the Medical or Science Officer.

Unless currently fainted, the Medical Officer automatically supervises Health transfers. Due to extensive training, transfers under the Medical Officer's supervision occur on a 1:1 basis. The Hippocratic Oath required of Medical Officers does not allow them to authorize transfers great enough to cause the donating Crew Member to faint.

If the Medical Officer is fainted, and the Science Officer is not, the Science Officer automatically supervises Health transfers. Because of relative inexperience with medical equipment, the receiving Crew Member gains only 2 Health for every 3 Health the donating Crew Member loses (rounded down). However, as Science Officers do not take the Hippocratic Oath, they allow transfers great enough to reduce the donating Crew Member's Health to ten less than the Saturation Level.

If both Medical and Science Officers are fainted, then there may be no transfers.

[I phrased it as "is fainted" rather than the prefered "has fainted" to allow a revived Medical/Science Officer to supervise transfers.]

AGAINST Failed by Cayvie on 5.14.2004. -3 to Ornithopter, +1 to Cayvie.