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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Proposal: Disco Inferno

Create two new GNDT fields, Low Grade Fuel and High Grade Fuel. Each Crew Member's Low Grade and High Grade Fuel will be set at 15 when this proposal is passed, and then this sentence will repeal itself. Also add to the Ruleset a new Rule: Fuel:

There exists two types of fuel on the ship for use. The two types are high grade and low grade fuel. A Crew Member may use two units of Low Grade Fuel to create one unit of High Grade Fuel.

Add a new field to the GNDT, Tools. Create a new item to be tracked in the field Tools, Blowtorch. Add rule Tools to the ruleset:

There exist several tools for Crew Members to use on the ship. The tools are:
- Blowtorch: The blowtorch begins in possession of the Computer and then this sentence repeals itself. There is only one Blowtorch on the ship. Any Crew Member may take the blowtorch from another Crew Member and put it into his GNDT field, Tools. The Blowtorch costs one unit of lowgrade fuel per use.

FOR Passed 9-8 by Cayvie at 20:05 GMT on 5.13.2004. +10 to TrumanCapote, +2 to Cayvie.

(the wiki seems to be wonky lately; i'm not sure if my edits were saved successfully)