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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Proposal: Crew Member Titles

Add a list of titles to Rule 2:

Titles can be awarded by the Computer or by majority vote by other Crew Members. The current list of titles is as follows:

^: The Crew Member with the carat has won the Jimmy Tiberius award of Crew Membering Excellence.
(): The Crew Member with the empty parenthesis is known as the Mad Fremen Crew Member.
:*|: The Crew Member or Crew Members with the colon-asterisk-pipe are known as the Amazing Dagobah Champions.
_o/: The Crewmember with the underscode-oh-slash "arm up" signal is known as the Avid Red Shirt Ensign or Avid Red Shirt Officer, as deemed appropriate.

Errr, would people who voted "nay" on this one just because it was, err, well, invalid, please reconsider? Thanks in advance. >:)

Err 2: please disconsider. This proposal has been self-killed due to inadvertent unadvised tampering with. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please proceed to the next proposal and have a nice day.

AGAINST Failed (self-kill) by Cayvie at 05:21 GMT on 5.12.2004. -3 to Shade, +1 to Cayvie.