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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Proposal : Now You're Well Again, and There's Work To Do

Enact a new rule, "Tasks":-

The Computer will periodically announce Tasks that it requires the crew to perform for it, to assist the repair and running of the ship; these are made as entries to the BlogNomic weblog, with a subject line of "Task : {Title}".

Each Task requires a specific number of Crew Members to perform it (at least one), may have one or more defined effects on the Ruleset or Gamestate upon completion (which may include random numbers and conditions), and may have a number of descriptive keywords (such as "Medical" or "Engineering") - these must be clearly stated in the post.

Crew Members may declare their intention to perform a Task by responding to its post with a comment that includes a FOR vote. As soon as a sufficient number of Crew Members have declared such an intention, the Task is completed, with the effects that were specified.

If a Task remains pending and unperformed for 48 hours, then it expires with no effect.

If "Rank and File" passed, add the following paragraph after the third paragraph of the new "Tasks" rule:-

If any word of an Officer's Rank appears in the keyword list for a Task, that Officer counts as three Crew Members, for the purposes of performing that Task.

FOR Passed 11 to 2 by Cayvie at 03:40 GMT on 5.12.2004. +10 to Kevan, +2 to Cayvie.