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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Proposal: The Age-Old Question

When enacted, this proposal shall be construed to consist only of its nonitalicized text.

So Cayvie, why are we here? Why didn't we make it to Terra Nova?
>system records indicate unplanned fuel shortage necessitated emergency landing
Yes, but why did our fuel run out so early?
[run retrieval protocol]
>RETRIEVAL OUTPUT: 05-11-3004 20:43
>unable to verify cause of fuel shortage
That's odd. Do you remember when fuel first fell below mission parameters?
>memory failure in sector 01010110
What is the cause of the memory failure?
[run system diagnostic]
>DIAGNOSTIC OUTPUT: 05-11-3004 20:45
>unable to verify cause of memory failure; memory banks may be compromised
Compromised? By what? Or whom?
>memory failure in sector 01010110
Well, that's real helpful.
>beggars can't be choosers, meatbag
Ha ha. Who did your AI, anyway?

Add a Rule, "Sabotage?":
The Computer may choose to privately contact one or more Crew Members, informing them that they are Saboteurs. If at any point all Crew Members are Fainted and at least one Crew Member is a Saboteur, then any Saboteur may declare victory, in spite of being Fainted.

FOR Passed 9-8 by Cayvie at 19:56 GMT on 5.13.2004. +10 to Satyr Eyes (except he's idle), +2 to Cayvie.