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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Task: Shaking It Up

(seismic activity detected)
[run RichterScale]

RICHTERSCALE OUTPUT 16:53:28 5-12-3004
>RichterScale: 2.3
>Epicenter Location: 1.3 km NNE


Meanwhile, in the lab...

CzarOfCanada, while Kevan and Shade watched closely, examined the soil samples in the Matter Magnifier. He did indeed find evidence of life: there were several small, almost microscopic, things that looked somewhat like flatworms. However, they all appeared completely dead. On closer examination, he discovered that they were be carbon-based lifeforms with silicon exoskeletons.



The Computer has realized, with the seismic activity and the existence of carbon-based life, that this planet probably has reserves of oil. As the necessary equipment is on the ship already, the Computer thinks it would be prudent to begin a test drilling. After all, the ship doesn't need that much fuel to run, and with modern equipment, fuel is easy to synthesize from crude oil.

KEYWORDS: Engineer

To be announced.



Under the capable guidance of TrumanCapote, the crew set up a working oil pump with surprising ease; not even any injuries during the process. The seismic activity has continued to increase in intensity, however, which has caused some worries about the stability of the station.

Any crew member who worked on this may add up to 5 Low Grade Fuel to his or her GNDT value.

Additionally, add the following to rule 15, Fuel:

Any Crew Member other than the Computer may, once per day, add 5 Low Grade Fuel to their GNDT value, from the oil rigging.

Any Crew Member, can choose, at any time, to transfer any positive integer amount of his or her Low or High Grade Fuel to any other Crew Member.

The ship requires 10000 High Grade Fuel to travel one light-year. Any Fuel in the Computer's possession is considered to be in the ship's engine.