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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Proposal: Assuming Boredom

BooYAH! Die, ya'll.




OK, on to the proposal!
Add a rule, "Puzzler Sequences":

"Puzzler Sequences"

One per day or when the latest sequence is solved, to a maximum of twice per day, the Puzzler may post a Sequence to the main page. There is not currently a Puzzler.

A Sequence is a post with the title "Sequence #N", where N is an indexing number, with a sequence of numbers (in any field) as the body of the post. Sequences are Open or Closed. All Sequences are Open when they are posted. Each Sequence is noted with the posting Puzzler's name.

Any Crewmember, including the Computer but not the Puzzler, may attempt to answer an Open Sequence by posting a reply with no less then the next six terms of that sequence, and optionally the rule that generates the terms of the sequence.

The Puzzler shall judge whether or not an answer to the Sequence is correct. If the Puzzler judges an answer satisfactory, then e shall respond to that comment with a FOR vote, which Closes the Sequence and signifies that the answer was substantially correct. Answers are judged chronologically. If different answers are posted to an Open Sequence that satisfy the initial data, the Puzzler may at eir discretion mark one or more answers as correct by posting FOR votes as responses to those comments.

A Crewmember that correctly answers a Sequence has eir Logic increased or deceased by 5 at the Crewmember's preference. The Puzzler may further add or subtract up to 2 points per Sequence for aesthetics and presentation at eir discretion. This bonus may be the opposite of the Crewmember's choice.

All Sequences shall be listed in the SequenceLog with their status (Open or Closed), and their solutions, if Closed. Each shall be noted with the posting Crewmember's name.

If a single Crewmember other than the Computer has solved more than half the current "Puzzles"(non-Computer posted Sequences), and there are at least three Puzzles, then that Crewmember becomes the Puzzler. If the Puzzler is dead, whoever has solved the most Puzzles other than the Computer becomes the Puzzler. Whenever the Puzzler changes, the an Admin should modify the second sentence of this rule to reflect the current Puzzler, and an announcement should be posted to the Blog.

If there is a tie for number of Puzzles solved, or this Proposal is enacted, then the Crewmember with the lowest logic becomes the Puzzler.

As clarification, when this proposal is enacted, the second sentence will change, and this paragraph will be repealed.

Yep, it's an INSANE suggestion. And I'm in an escape pod, and there's several injured people, so I thought it'd be nice.

Tick Passed 8-1 (reached quorum). Enacted by smith, 19th of May at 2:26.