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Friday, October 17, 2003

Proposal: 867-5309

enact a rule entitled "Glarsh" in which it reads:

The Doctor, stopping at no perversity in the name of scientific research, has recently developed a new and peculiar substance known as "Glarsh". The effects of "Glarsh" known only to the Doctor. The Doctor may, at anytime, choose to introduce the substance "Glarsh" to the entirety of his research specimens. The specimens may choose to react to "Glarsh" in anyway they choose (i.e. drink it, attack it, ignore it, stare at it, play Go with it) in the form of a post or comment. The Doctor then chooses a suitable consequence to the given action of a specimen in the form of a GNDT entry. However, thereafter, the consequence is universal (e.g. Timmy chooses to drink the Glarsh, the Doctor informs the rest of his specimens that Timmy has developed orange spots. Every subsequent instance of drinking Glarsh will result in the development of orange spots). The Doctor chooses also when to remove the "Glarsh" from the specimen's environment. While present, the supply of "Glarsh" both to the Doctor and to his specimens is unimited.

Enacted by est, 21st Oct. +10 to Aaron, +5 to est.