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Friday, October 17, 2003

Proposal : Attack and Defence

[ Splitting the 'combat' attribute into 'attack' and 'defence' (and adjusting the Arena rules appropriately). And slicing attributes out into a new rule, for clarity. ]

Enact a new Rule, "Attributes":-

Specimens have a variety of quantifiable Attributes, which can range from 0 to 5. Initially, Specimens have all Attributes rated at 0, except for the Doctor (whose lab gives him equivalent Intelligence of 6, the only exception to the Attribute rating limits). Attributes are recorded in the GNDT. The Attributes that can be modified include:-

  • Attack (ATT) - This includes all modifications that would make a Specimen more likely to be effective at attacking in combat, such as claws or teeth.
  • Defence (DEF) - This covers defensive modifications; physical defences such as scales, or mutations which would aid a Specimen's escape from combat.
  • Intelligence (INT) - Intelligence-enhancing experiments include extra or replacement heads or brains.

And remove the list and the paragraph beginning "Each modification has a quantifiable effect" from Rule 13 (Experimental Modification).

In Rule 14 (The Arena), replace "takes each combatant's relative Combat rating into account (i.e. giving the specimen with the higher Combat rating an advantage of some sort, this could simply be adding the Combat ratings to two individual dice rolls or as complex as playing Go with yourself and then adding the combat ratings to your scores at the end)." with:-

... takes each combatant's Attack and Defence ratings into account (i.e. giving some advantage to the Specimen whose Attack most exceeds its opponent's Defence).

Also replace "If a specimen with a lower Combat rate beats a specimen with a higher combat rate in battle" with:-

If a Specimen beats a Specimen whose combined Attack and Defence exceed its own ...

Existing Specimens' "Combat" Attributes shall be converted to either Attack or Defence at the whim of the Doctor, depending on the nature of the original modification.

Enacted by Kevan, 20th Oct (timed out; 6 votes to 1). +15 Life to Kevan.