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Friday, October 17, 2003

Proposal: Life is Precious

Create the following rule - Gravedigging

Given the increasing interest on technological enhancements, biological updates and assorted body parts, a group of undisclosed (as in, not related to any specimen known) thiefs has aquired the habit of looting corpses for black market goods.

Thus, whenever a Specimen becomes dead, if any of its Attributes has been increased as a result of a modification, then it shall lose a random modification, and wichever Attribute that modification affected must be decreased by 2
(since, for instance, when one loses his plasma-shooting cybernetic arm, he effectively lost one arm).
This effect counts as a commulative condition: cripple. An experimentation can be performed remove this condition, restoring 1 point to the decreased Attribute (a plain Modification: make me whole again), or restoring both lost points with a 25% increase for the cost in Life Force.

Note that a specimen who is cripple can have Attributes lower than 0.

Failed by Kevan, 20th Oct (timed out, 3 votes to 4). -5 Life to Kamikaze, +2 to Kevan.