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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Proposal: Let's Get Ready to Abacinate!

add a rule titled "The Arena":

Specimens may challenge other specimens to test their combat prowess in The Arena. In order for fights to occur: A specimen must move into The Arena (tracked by the GNDT) and then issue a challenge to one other specimen in the form of a post. The other specimen may either accept or decline the challenge within 12 hours of the initial challenge. If the challenged specimen fails to respond in 12 hours he/she/it is assumed to have declined. Upon accepting the challenge the specimen moves into The Arena and battle commences.


The Doctor (never an eligible combatant) shall always preside over the fight. The Doctor determines the fight's victor by his own means so long as it is random and takes each combatant's relative Combat rating into account (i.e. giving the specimen with the higher Combat rating an advantage of some sort, this could simply be adding the Combat ratings to two individual dice rolls or as complex as playing Go with yourself and then adding the combat ratings to your scores at the end). The Doctor shall post the method and results of the battle. The victor of the fight shall be the specimen that wins the best 2 out of 3 of the Doctor's method of battle.


The victor of the battle shall receive a reward of 10 lifeforce and the loser shall have 10 lifeforce deducted from his/her/its total lifeforce.

Additional Conditions:

If a specimen with a lower Combat rate beats a specimen with a higher combat rate in battle then the victor's Intelligence shall increase by one.

Enacted by Squirrel, 15th Oct.