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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Proposal: Deck Games

I'm struggling to get into this dynasty, mainly because there's nothing to do unless you're a Captain or the Poet. So here's some random little subgames. Loosely inspired by Kaleidoscope.

Create three new fields in the GNDT, labelled 'Game 1', 'Game 2', and 'Game 3'.

Create a new rule, Games and Trends.

To allieviate tension on the voyages, games, trends and sports come into and out of fashion aboard the ships.

There are, at any time, three Games in fashion one each ship. Each Ship records the names of the fashionable Games of that ship in the 'Game 1', 'Game 2' and 'Game 3' fields of the GNDT. Each ship may have different fashionable Games.

The number of times each Mariner has played each Game is recorded in the GNDT field for that game. The Ship also records the sum of these values in the respective GNDT fields. This number is the representation of the game's popularity. Every Sunday, if any given Mariner's favorite game is also the most Popular on their ship, they may claim 10 Morale.

At any time, any ships Captain may issue a trivial proposal to change the active games to either a new or existing game. Only the Mariners on that Captain's ship may vote on the proposal. If the proposal passes, the game with the lowest Popularity when the proposal is passed is replaced by the proposed game. New games, whether passed or failed, are added to the bottom of this rule and may be proposed for re-addition in the same manner at any time. The Poet may remove any game he considers to be damaging at any time; however, if it is reproposed and passes, he looses this right over that specific game.

If a Mariner moves ship, the number of times they have played each game is cleared. If the game they have played the most is active on the ship they are moving to, they may keep half of the value they had on their old ship.

All proposed games are listed here:

Add the following to the rule Games and Trends:

Quoits. Any Mariner, apart from the Captain, may claim to have played this Game if they post a comment to a Proposal that is (a) greater than 25 words, and (b) begins and ends with the same 3 words. This may only be done once per Proposal, and may not be claimed once the proposal has passed. Once per week, the Captain of each ship may choose to award 10 Morale to the Mariner on their ship who has executed this task in the best way. (In this case 'best' is subjective to the Captain's own criteria, which they may or may not choose to make clear.)

Deck Olympics. Any Mariner who makes a Proposal that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet, plus all of the following puntuation marks - :!?;-& - may claim to have played this Game. If the proposal passes, the Mariner may award themselves an additional 20 Morale.

It. When posting a comment, the Mariner who is 'It' may choose to pass 'it' on to the Mariner who commented directly before them on that post, by adding "It" to their list of Ailments. A Mariner may not be made 'It' if 'It' is not an active game on their ship. A Mariner has played this game every time they pass 'It' on to another Mariner. On enactment of this rule, the Poet is 'It'.

On enactment, make 'Quoits' Game 1, 'Deck Olympics' Game 2, 'and 'It' Game 3 for all ships.

This was a really hard proposal, but in the spirit of streamlining I don't want any comments - start voting straight away please, unless you spot something really obvious and stupid that I've just missed out through improper proof-reading. If you do vote against, please feel free to tell me why (and if it's worth re-proposing), and also please feel free to change your vote if you appreciate someone else's arguement.

I really hate failing good, well-thought-out proposals with one serious glitch Failed by Satyr Eyes with voting 3-10 at 23:30 GMT, 3.19.2004. -3 to Joranj, +1 to Satyr Eyes.