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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Proposal: I am protected (trivial)

Append to the end of rule 4, proposals:

A Player may not, through editing of the blog, change a non-proposal post into a proposal.

I only say this because of SatyrEyes' sneaky proposal near the bottom of this page, titled omg zerg rush kekekeke or something, which has no votes on it except mine, and I don't remember it. I'm assuming this is how he made this proposal, and it seems rather odd to be able to edit some post from months ago to be "Proposal: LALALA... I win," get one other player to vote on it so it times out, and win the dynasty.

FOR Passed 13 to 1 by Brendan at 6:26 am GMT on 5.9.2004. +2 to Cayvie, +1 to Brendan.