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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Proposal: Iain Duncan Smith

Alter and keep rule # 11 entitled "Species" such that it reads:

Each Specimen is of a particular Species, which may be changed by events in the game. Initially, all Specimens are Human, and any late-arriving Specimens will also be Human. The Doctor is always Human.

Each specimen has a maximum and minimum capacity for certain abilities. Consequently, whenever a new species is added to the list their maximum and minimum capacities for the abilities already listed in the current ruleset must be included, also any abilities added to the ruleset must be assigned to any already existing species in terms of a maximum and minimum capacity.

Human INT (2 - 6)
COM (0 - 6)
Zombie INT (0 - 3)
COM (2 - 6)
Vampire INT (2 - 6)
COM (4 - 8)

Failed by Squirrel, 16th Oct.