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Friday, March 19, 2004

Proposal : Recongregation [Trivial]

[ Reproposal of "Congregation", but resolving excess Priestliness by sacking the newest Priests, rather than those with the lowest Morale. ]

In Rule 17 (Jobs), reword the Priest effect to:-

The Priest may, once per Lacuna, add 5 to the Morale of another Mariner on the same Ship as the Priest, who also worships the same God as the Priest. (Performing this action gives the Priest 2 Morale.) If a Ship has two Priests, no further Mariners on that Ship may become Priests, and further Priests joining that ship automatically lose their job in the process.

To recongregate means to gather again.  It is an appropriate verb to describe Florida during spring break. Passed 10 to 1 by Satyr Eyes at 18:17 GMT, 3.23.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Satyr Eyes.