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Friday, March 19, 2004

Proposal: Habeas Corpus [trivial]

Replace the following text in the description of the "Imprisoned" ailment in Rule 22:
(except when considering that a Ship may only have 3 Imprisoned Mariners)
with this text:
(except for the purposes of Rules explicitly governing the infliction or removal of this Ailment)
Replace the paragraph in Rule 16 that reads:
The Captain may add or remove the Ailment of Imprisoned to any Mariner aboard his/her ship. A ship can only have a maximum of three Imprisoned Mariners, due to the small occupancy of the brig.
with this text:
The Captain may add the Ailment of Imprisoned to, or remove it from, any Mariner aboard his/her ship, except that he/she cannot make a Mariner Imprisoned when there are three Mariners already Imprisoned on the ship.
Delete the final sentences of Rules 21 and 24.
I think we need some sort of fix so we don't have to keep putting notwithstanding clauses in rules allowing for rescue or escape of prisoners, etc. People keep coming up with new ones.

Rules were meant to be broken. Passed 12 to 0 by Keitalia at 2:40 GMT, 3.21.2004. +2 to Octave, +1 to Keitalia. Rule 16, 21 and 24 are now Rules 17, 22, and 25. The rule change on 17 is legal since that is the only place in the ruleset that contains that paragraph. However the changes to rule 22 and 25 may be contested with a CfJ if that was not the intent of the proposer or if someone has a problem with legality of the change.