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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Proposal: It's a Privelege... Not a Right.

I've become tired of admin shenanigans as of late...

Create a new rule # 3 and renumber the ruleset

Admin Staff

Any Mariner may become part of the Admin Staff if they meet all of the following requirements:

1) They have participated in 1 Dynasty without becoming idle.
2) They have read core ruleset (rules 1-11) and show some understanding of their workings by emailing an active Admin.
3) They have posted or commented on the weblog their wishes to become part of the Admin Staff.
4) Have the approval of Kevan. (Optional)

If a Mariner fails to meet these requirements they will not be made an admin. Admin who set up a new Admin may claim 5 morale.

If an Admin fails to comply with the core ruleset on more than 1 occasion, a CfJ may be issued to remove the offending Mariner from the Admin Staff. An Admin may not be removed from the Admin Staff if another rule in the ruleset overrides the core rule which the Admin failed to comply to.

Make the following changes to the Ruleset:

In Rule 1:
Rules 1-10 are the "core ruleset"

Rules 1-11 are the "core ruleset"

Rules 11 onwards

Rules 12 onwards

In Rule 10 in the 4th paragraph:
(excluding Rules 1-10)

(excluding Rules 1-11)

If this proposal passes the +10 Morale is deferred to est.

I've gotten tired with minor misunderstandings and the miscounting of votes... All of which wouldn't really have mattered in the first place. And Dunam, you don't have to vote on your own proposals it is already assumed that your vote is FOR, it confuses the poor Admin. Perhaps I'm over-reacting...again.

? Passed 7 to 4 by Keitalia at 1:52 GMT, 3.21.2004. +10 to est, +2 to Keitalia.