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Friday, May 14, 2004

Proposal: Career Advancement

Add to the end of Rule entitled "Ranks":
At any time, the Captain, First Officer, or Computer may choose to switch the ranks of two Crew Members such that there is no more than one of any rank other than Ensign; this must be announced with a post to the Blog entitled "Post Reassignment". However, this action requires the unanimous agreement of the Captain, First Officer, and Computer, to be signified by posting a "For" reply to the post. If the Captain or Computer desires a Rank reassignment of the Commander, the unanimous agreement of the Computer and all non-ensigns and non-mascots must be obtained, save the Commander, in the above manner; if the Commander or Computer desires a Rank reassignment of the Captain, the unanimous agreement of all Crew Members, save the Captain, must be obtained, in the above manner. The Computer may not change ranks.

It doesn't quite address everything, but I think it's pretty important to have some provision for this.

AGAINST Self-killed; failed by Brendan at 2:43 pm GMT on 5.17.2004. -3 to Axiallus, +1 to Brendan.