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Friday, May 14, 2004

Proposal: Merriment and Joy through Difficult Times

As the sulfuric vapors rise, a shadow comes upon the nearby crew, and concerned frowns spread among them.

Add a new GNDT field, "Morale". Set all Crew Members with an initial Morale equal to 100 when this proposal's passed, and from then on this sentence will only apply to new Crew Members.

Add a new rule to the Ruleset, "Morale":

Each Crew Member has a certain state of spirits, given by his amount of Morale, a number greater than or equal to 0. A Crew Member with 0 morale is said to be in Panic. Crew Members in Panic may not claim victory or engage in Tasks.

Failed by Kevan, 15th of May. -3 to Shade, +1 to Kevan.