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Friday, May 14, 2004

Proposal: Sing Your Blues Away

Still trying to get the spirits of these poor stranded members up, Shade begins humming a tune...

Add a new field to the GNDT, "Sung". All crew members start with an empty Sung field as of the enactment of this proposal.

Add a new Rule, "Singing":

Any Crew Member that is not fainted and has an empty Sung field may sing to try to raise the spirits of his fellows. To do this, the Crew Member (hereafter reffered to as Singer) should:
1) choose, in his opinion, an appropriately uplifting or moving song:
a) any song that has lyrics is electable, as long as it has NOT been sung by another Crew Member during this Dinasty;
2) create a new post in the blog with the title "[Singer's Name] bursts into song!", and containing a part of the lyrics:
a) as a guideline, no less than eight lines and no more than half the song should be posted. This is not strictly enforced, however;
b) the artist's name and the song's title should preferably be included at the end of the post.

After the song part is posted, each Crew Member that is not fainted, with the exception of the Singer, may EITHER:
1) vote FOR the song, stating his or her appreciation of the song selected;
2) vote AGAINST the song, either because they dislike it or find it is not uplifting.

IMP votes are invalid and irrelevant in this context.

An admin should tally the votes for a song once one of three conditions are reached:
1) the "...bursts into song!" post has been online for more than 48 hours;
2) more than half the active players (i.e., quorum) have voted FOR the song;
3) more than three active players (i.e., 4 or more) have voted AGAINST.

In both cases (1) and (2), the song was sung, and the Sung field of the Singer is set to reflect the title and/or the artists that perform the song (whatever is enough to identify the song). Every Crew Member who voted FOR gains 2 health points (from being uplifted), and those who voted AGAINST lose 1 health point (from the suffering). In case (1), the Singer gains 2 health points. In case (2), the Singer, excited with his terrific performance, gains 4 health points.

In case (3), the song was NOT sung -- the opposing Crew Members managed to stop the Singer from continuing. In this case, the Singer loses 1 health point, and no other Crew Members are affected.

Note that cases (2) and (3) might happen in succession. The first one to occur in the timeline counts as the result, independently of the exact time when an admin performs the tally.

The Computer is not affected by singing and cannot sing, although it may suggest a song to other Crew Members (it does not, however, reap any direct rewards from this action).

If the Singer is the Ship's Mascot or any Crew Member with the word Entertainer in his or her rank, Crew Members who vote FOR the song gain an additional health point if the song is successfully sung (they are skilled singers, after all).

Crew Members away on Tasks are still allowed to sing and listen to songs; all songs are transmitted by the crew's intercommunicators.

AGAINST Failed 6 to 8 by Brendan at 2:38 pm GMT on 5.17.2004. -3 to Shade, +1 to Brendan.