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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Proposal: Bow before your Superiors

To add more politics, and more reasons for combat:

If Proposal: Slayer fails, create a Rule - Overlords

Each species can have a single Overlord to rule over them. This position is marked in the GNDT in the Species column as a * next to the species. Each Overlord can choose to have claim on a dead specimen if that specimen was killed by a member of that Overlord's species; this means that the specimen, if raised from the dead, will be of the Overlord's species. Overlords can also change a specimen from a different species to their own species, at the request of the specimen. This costs the specimen 20 life force, or 10 life force if that specimen's last combat was against a member of the new species and ended in defeat for the specimen who wants to change.

Becoming an Overlord:
If a specimen is the only member of a species, it is automatically the Overlord of that species. Members of a species may agree upon a method of choosing an Overlord, such as nomination and voting. A specimen can challenge the Overlord of their species to single combat for the privilege of leadership by posting a challenge for authority; if the Overlord refuses to fight or is defeated, the challenger becomes the new Overlord. After becoming an Overlord, a specimen should choose a pretentious title and announce their accomplishment to the Blognomic world.
When a Specimen becomes an Overlord, it automatically gains 30 Life Force. If an Overlord's throne is usurped through combat, that Overlord loses 30 Life Force, unless that would kill it, in which case the new Overlord decides if they live (with 1 Life Force) or die. These Life Force gains and losses replace any changes in Life Force that would normally take place because of combat. If the position is lost or surrendered without combat, the fallen Overlord loses 20 Life Force, unless that would kill it, in which case it is left with 1 Life Force.

Benefits of Power:
Overlords can exceed their ordinary Attribute limits by up to 1, and are treated as if their Attribute scores have a "bonus" level added to them whenever they use Attributes. Overlords whose Attributes are higher than the ordinary maximum who lose their power still retain their higher Attribute score, but lose the "bonus" attribute levels.

The Doctor cannot be an Overlord or directly participate in choosing an Overlord for his species or any other, unless specifically asked to participate by the members of a species. The Doctor effectively has the power of all Overlords; he has priority claim on dead specimens, and can change a specimen's species whenever he wishes to do so, without the usual life force cost to the specimen.

Also, if Proposal: Iain Duncan Smith passes, reduce the range of Vampire COM from (4-8) to (2-6).
Since it is relatively easy to switch from species to species with this rule, this balances things out a bit.

The general idea: anyone can join a species if the Overlord will accept them, but it's costly to switch sides very often, and the Doctor can keep any species from becoming all-powerful. This also brings in politics within a species (if a species has enough specimens for it to matter). If this passes, I suggest that the first human Overlord either be chosen by the Doctor or by nomination and voting by humans. (No votes of IMP in that case, since the Doctor wouldn't participate.)

Failed by Squirrel, 16th Oct.