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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Proposal: Is he dead, or just asleep? [Trivial]

In Rule 2 – Specimens:
Change all places where it says "Dead" to "Idle," and "Reanimated" to "Reactivated." Remove the phrase, "or if its Life Force is less than or equal to zero”

At the end of Rule 12 – Life Force, add the sentence,
If a Specimen’s Life Force is ever less than or equal to zero, it is considered Dead, and cannot perform modifications, be modified, or engage in combat until it is reanimated.

Move the last paragraph from Rule 13 – Experimental Modification: "Raising the dead costs nothing...only ones able to do this," to the end of Rule 12 – Life Force.

In Rule 15 – The Thing in the Basement, where it says, "a list of specimens that are not dead," replace it with "a list of specimens that are not dead or idle."

If Proposal: Life is Precious fails, and Kamikaze resubmits it and it passes, undo the negative effects to Kamikaze's life force from that failed proposal. If it fails a second time, do not take away any life force for the second failure.

I think this covers all of the places where "Dead" should be distinct from "Idle," and clarifies things a little bit. Are there any I missed?
Also, I don't want to penalize Kamikaze for submitting a good idea too soon.

Enacted by est, 21st Oct. +2 to Damanor, +2 to est.