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Monday, May 10, 2004

Proposal: 1337ing It Up (trivial)

Okay, there were, as I feared, a few oversights in my earlier proposal.

Be it resolved that Kevan is politely requested to fix the bug in the GNDT wherein the WarezRunning and Running fields are not allowed to contain discrete values.

At such time as the aforementioned bug is resolved, "Tailor Ware" shall be replaced with "Stimware" in the GNDT, "Sailor Ware" with "Swimware", "Captain's Ware" with "Headware", "Birthday Ware" with "Firewall", and "Lemon Rabbit Stew" with "Lemon Cyberdust".

Amend Rule 20 to read:
All Haxx0rs are haxx0ring beneath the noses of un-1337 policemen who do not understand that information wants to be free.

Each Haxx0r has a Notoriety representing how many law enforcement officers are concentrating their attention solely on them at any given time. A Haxx0rís Notoriety is equal to their WarezRunning? times their Criminality (rounded down). Both Audience and Criminality are tracked in the GNDT.

A Haxx0rís Notoriety will always be an integer greater than zero. If the total Notoriety of all Haxx0rs would exceed 5000 at any time, all Haxx0rsí Notoriety will be reduced equally until the total is again less than or equal to 5000.

Criminality may be any number greater than or equal to zero with no more than two decimal places. Certain techniques may alter the Criminality of the Haxx0r performing them or of another Haxx0r. As methods are devised, they should be appended to the end of this Rule in the following format:

Name of Technique. Cost: X This Technique has certain effects, etc.

Satyr Eyes receives no Warez from this Proposal's passage. The 2 Warez he would otherwise receive may optionally be claimed by ChinDoGu, conditional on his fixing the paradox noted in the previous post while employing game terms consistent with this Proposal.

VETO Vetoed by Cayvie.